Friends of Wilmington Parks Annual Meeting

Each year, the Friends of Wilmington Parks reflects on another year of successful endeavors. Please join us in person at the Blue Ball Barn for the 2021 Annual Meeting to celebrate our 30th anniversary!

The Annual Meeting is always free for members and guests. And remember, none of this would be possible without you – our members.  Thank you for being a Friend of Wilmington Parks!

2021 Annual Meeting
Thursday, November 18, from 6:30 p.m.
In person meeting, Blue Ball Barn

The 2022 Slate of Stewards will be elected by Friends of Wilmington Parks members during the November 18, 2021 Annual Meeting.

A * next to a nominee’s name indicates a new Steward nominee.  The following have self-nominated for 2022 Stewardship:

Andy Croce

Eric Denoyer*

Grant Dick

Natalie Ephraim*

David Jezyk

Jill Karlson

Ellen Muenter

Denis O’Sullivan

Edward Pankowski, Jr.

Pamela Price

Joe Scharf

David Sorber

Jackson Strauss*

Blair Tkacz

2021 Annual Meeting
Thursday, November 18, 6:30 p.m.
Blue Ball Barn

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