Habitat Restoration

Restoring Brandywine Park Habitat

Restoring Brandywine Park Habitat

Friends of Wilmington Parks volunteers work tirelessly to restore natural habitat on the south side of the Brandywine River in an area near the Swinging Bridge.

It had become an eyesore and did not provide the shelter and food that native animal species need. In an effort to restore the area to its original habitat, FOWP volunteers have cleared the area and planted native trees to create canopy and sub canopy forest layers. As the trees grow, the area will return to dense forest, providing the habitat needed by the wildlife along the Brandywine.

How Can You Get Involved?

Volunteers meet each Saturday morning to clear invasives and plant natives. No experience is necessary, just bring a pair of gardening gloves and a willingness to jump right in. When the job is bigger, community groups volunteer to help. To learn more about volunteering with the Habitat Restoration Team, contact volunteer@friendsofwilmingtonparks.org.

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