Parks and Projects

Parks and Projects

We Support the Five Wilmington State Parks

The Wilmington State Parks are five urban parks along the Brandywine River in Delaware.

Rockford Park in Wilmington’s Highlands neighborhood has one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city, the Rockford Tower. Kentmere Parkway is a half-mile long green parkway connecting Brandywine and Rockford Parks. Alapocas Run State Park between Augustine Cutoff and Route 141 encompasses 145 acres of woodland used by hikers, joggers, and cyclists. Brandywine Park marvels with its beautiful views of the Brandywine River as well as historic monuments. H. Fletcher Brown Park provides a small oasis in the Wilmington business district.

Parks We Serve

Alapocas Run State Park

Current Projects

Rockford Park Concert Venue

Tennis Courts

Tennis Court Picnic Areas

H Fletcher Brown

H. Fletcher Brown Park Renovation

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