Rockford Park Concert Venue

FOWP is Fundraising for a new concert venue at Rockford Park

Rockford Park is home to a variety of programs and events throughout the year. FOWP hosts a free concert there every Wednesday evening for 9 weeks in the summer.

The existing concert stage doesn't offer cover from a passing shower or electrical hookups for the bands to use. The public bathrooms there are outdated and barely ADA compliant. We want to change that! FOWP is fundraising for a new stage and updated/expanded bathroom facilities.

The Project Will Include

Price Tag: $313,000

Includes stage design and construction, restroom design and construction, permits, and prevailing wage costs.

Community Support

The Highlands Community Association held the Highlands High 5K in Rockford Park to raise funds specifically for the Concert Venue project. They donated all of their proceeds to the Friends of Wilmington Parks.


We are pursuing grant opportunities at a variety of foundations. We have been successful so far and hope to build on our momentum to bring this project to fruition.

Please Consider a Donation to the Rockford Park Concert Venue