Rockford Park was originally conceived by philanthropist and conservationist William Poole Bancroft.  After the completion of the development of Brandywine Park, in 1889 Bancroft donated 59 acres of his property to form Rockford Park, and he convinced the du Pont family to donate an additional 9 acres of land.

The 100 year-old Rockford Tower is the centerpiece of this park. The historic stone water tower is located amid rolling hills and vistas, offering beautiful views of the city. The tower is open for tours on summer Sundays and during Monday evening summer concerts.

This park, which is located in the Highlands neighborhood of Wilmington, has much to offer in recreation, with its tennis courts, paths and wooded areas. It’s open green space, including an off-leash dog park, is a popular gathering place for neighbors and their pets.

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Tower Drive, Wilmington, DE 19806


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